Application Engineering

Application Engineering Support is a central part of the Glebus Alloys value proposition. The evaluation of the operating conditions, choice of optimum material and detailed design are critical steps to ensure we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations in performance and efficiency of the bearing solution.

Our team of dedicated Application Engineers is ready to assist, consult and generate lifecycle predictions. Our engineering support covers replacing existing bearings, technical upgrades, eliminating additional lubrication, or replacing plastic or roller bearings to achieve added value for our customers. No commitment is required. Feel free to consult our Application Engineers.

Experienced field engineers support and train customer teams in the correct and fast installation procedures and assist customers in identifying opportunities to improve the efficiency and operational safety of existing bearing solutions.

Lifecycle Calculations

Over the past 55+ years, we have developed a vast database of real-life statistics collecting thousands of measured performances of moving parts. Factoring in operating temperatures, speeds, loads, mating materials, and other dynamics and important characteristics we are best suited to extrapolate specific wear performances and estimate lifecycle projections. We are ready to share our know-how. We are aware that the wear performance and lifecycle predictions are critical for feasibility assessment and cost justification.